Posting of employees

In a nutshell

Are you a company not established in France and wishing to send one or more of your employees to provide a (...)

Obligations of the employer of posted employees

To post workers in France, the company must necessarily perform several formalities : 1 - prior declaration (...)

Requirements that contractors and main contracting parties in France must (...)

In this section : Drawing up a declaration of posting and designating a representative Paying fines (...)

Posted workers’ rights

In this section : Remuneration Working time Occupational health & safety and accidents at work (...)

Action by posted employees to defend their rights And information for (...)

In this section : Action by posted employees to defend their rights information for (...)


Administrative penalty This is aimed at punishing wrongful conduct. Unlike a criminal penalty, it is not (...)

Useful resources

How to stay healthy and safe at work ? pdf Leaflet | Which measures the employer must take to protect the (...)